Project Description
Wheelmud is a Multiple-User Dimension (MUD) created using the .NET 4.0 platform and the C# language. It is heavily influenced by LPC.

It is an attempt to create a mud framework using good coding techniques and practices.

We currently have the following features implemented or in the pipeline

greencheckbullet.gif Full persistence between resets
greencheckbullet.gif Extendable command and scripting system
greencheckbullet.gif Sensory system (All communication channels through these objects meaning that if someone is blind they wont receive any sight messages)
greencheckbullet.gif ANSI support and auto negotiation
greencheckbullet.gif MCP support (Mud Compression Protocol) and auto negotiation
greencheckbullet.gif MXP support and auto negotiation
greencheckbullet.gif Basic mobs
greencheckbullet.gif Eventing and reaction system (Events can be propagated throughout the world, and everything has an opportunity to react to events.)
greencheckbullet.gif Container support
greencheckbullet.gif Offline Editor
greencheckbullet.gif Skills

In The Pipeline
blueaddcube.gif Remote administration
blueaddcube.gif Extendable Mob AI
blueaddcube.gif Stackable items
blueaddcube.gif Simple Combat
blueaddcube.gif Group System
blueaddcube.gif InterMUD
blueaddcube.gif Quest System

High Level Roadmap

0.1 = (done)
0.2 = (done)
0.3 = basic persistence (rooms, items, mobs), logging - DONE July 19, 2009
0.4 = MEF, win service, equipment, race, attribs, align - DONE August 21, 2010
0.5 = basic remote admin, basic combat, skills, spells, settings, economy, weather - IN PROGRESS
0.6 = party, guilds, chat channels
0.7 = quests, paging, msg boards, ticketing
0.8 = intermud, player housing / in-game building, professions
0.9 = admin-events support, pets (and mounts)
1.0 = release polish

Roadmap Discussion

Main Site

Our main site is still



Reporting problems/issues

Please make use of the forums linked above, or create a ticket in the Issue Tracker. We prefer these two methods, than direct contact through email.

Getting the source with TortoiseSVN

Our Subversion repository is being hosted over here:


We will still use CodePlex for our binary and source releases.

To check the status of the current build, please navigate over to:

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