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Project Description

Wheelmud is a Multiple-User Dimension (MUD) framework created using the .NET 4.0 platform and the C# language.
For more information on topics such as our Project Goals and Getting Started, check out the Documentation tab.


With Forums at:

Documentation will follow.


WheelMUD version 0.4 includes:
greencheckbullet.gif Telnet server with command buffering.
greencheckbullet.gif Auto-negotiated ANSI support. 
greencheckbullet.gif Auto-negotiated MCCP support (MUD Client Compression Protocol). 
greencheckbullet.gif Auto-negotiated MXP support (MUD eXtension Protocol). 
greencheckbullet.gif Character creation system.
greencheckbullet.gif Behaviors system. (Object extensibility though composition of highly self-sufficient Behaviors and Effects.)
greencheckbullet.gif Full persistence between resets.
greencheckbullet.gif Self-sufficient persistence tree. (IE player save, makes inventory save, makes items save, makes behaviors save...)
greencheckbullet.gif Movement, including rooms, exits, and doors.
greencheckbullet.gif Basic items and inventory management.
greencheckbullet.gif Basic moving AI entities. 
greencheckbullet.gif Sensory system. (Handling for character blindness, deafness, and so on.)
greencheckbullet.gif Extendable command and scripting system. 
greencheckbullet.gif Eventing and reaction system. (Events can be propagated throughout the world, and everything has an opportunity to react to events.) 
greencheckbullet.gif Container support. 
greencheckbullet.gif Offline Editor (may need significant rework to accommodate new document DB model).
greencheckbullet.gif Some skills support.
greencheckbullet.gif Plug-and-play rule sets support, with a basic "Warrior, Rogue, and Mage" rule set started.
greencheckbullet.gif Self-sufficient service for deployments. (If the game crashes, the service restarts.)
greencheckbullet.gif Easy setup and one-key debugging. (F5 to launch TestHarness. No arcane manual steps required.)
greencheckbullet.gif Significant StyleCop code compliance for consistent code.


In The Pipeline

WheelMUD version 0.5 will include:
blueaddcube.gif Basic reference rule set implementation (Warrior Rogue & Mage). 
blueaddcube.gif Simple Combat. 
blueaddcube.gif Reference Skills and Spells. 
blueaddcube.gif Reasonable mob AI. 
For a long term view, you can review our High Level Road Map from the Documentation tab.

Super Quick Start

If you're not yet familiar with how to Telnet, or how to build and launch a C# solution, or source control, you should use our Getting Started page in the Documentation tab.  Otherwise, if you are comfortable jumping right in and checking out the source, feel free:
No server configuration is required, just launch the TestHarness project and telnet to localhost 4000!

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