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Feverdream's Return

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Feb 25, 2015 at 7:25 AM
Feverdream has returned while we are migrating the WheelMUD forums and asked many questions. Since my capture of forums content does not include this content, I'm opening a new thread here to migrate these questions and comments manually.

Feverdream (FD): So I'm between gigs, newly married.. and my wife asks me if I can help her learn to code by helping her get into mud-dev; this makes me realize I have not done mud-dev for a at least 2 years and need to get back into it..
Karak (K): Welcome back, and we'd be happy to have her here as well!

FD: What are we on now? Things have changed for me and I'm now able to use 2013sp4 Ultimate... needless to say getting into mud dev was a good choice for my career
K: Nice! The solutions available currently are for flavors of VS 2010, MonoDevelop, and SharpDevelop. I would love to have VS2012/VS2013 compatible solution(s) so if you would like to make them, feel free. I'm thinking the existing '10 solutions should be named like WheelMUD_VS2010.sln and WheelMUD_VS2010_Express while we're at it, and the new ones could follow the same convention. Please note that we are back on CodePlex SVN: - so if you have an old copy or pulled one from our self-hosted site you will want to switch over ASAP :)

FD: Just want to call out that this works as of last night and checking in works as of this morning..
K: Could you repeat your credits update in the CodePlex repo to ensure you have permissions to it? Thanks!

FD: Whatever changed in the last few years, [avatars now work]
K: Too bad we don't have avatars here. Sorry you just went and spent time on that - we were just about to post the transition notices to the front of the old dedicated site.

FD: So its been a few years and we are all older. But I never forgot about this.
So when I was here last - admittedly a while ago - we had a nice core team of people and I had a lot of fun having deeply technical, interesting, often funny discussions with them. Then life and a red haired women got in my way, turned into a wallethugger (Sort of like a facehugger, but more deadly to dreams and goals) so I had to leave and wage war.
K: Welcome back! Over the years, we've had our ups and downs but have had a series of lulls in activity lately.

FD: I looked at the code last night and was happy to see my contributions still exited; Read some of the threads and see that the testing harness I added on a lark actually got some use and even found a few bugs.
K: Are you talking about contributions to the way we unit test, or the TestHarness project? (To talk to both: yes we want to improve our unit testing; having done it professionally lately I see tons of opportunity for improvement. For the TestHarness, it's pretty much the only way I launch the server - for a finished MUD a service will be better fit, but I actually want to collapse the two into one app with a strategy I listed here:

FD: I looked in the svn this morning and was happy to see I still had commit permissions; but I was sad to see that a lot of the the SVN history data seems to have been lost.
K: Yes we lost SVN history a while ago, I think it may have been when Fasta upgraded our SVN version or something like that. Since the commit history was still short, I also didn't spend time to preserve the shortened history (80 whole checkins) when migrating back to the CodePlex SVN.

FD: I'm not seeing a lot of edits, posts, checkins. A few of the guys are still around if their post history shows it, but its been a while and non of my posts here have gotten a response in over a day so I am left to wonder how active this forum and development is.
K: Yes there has been a lull but also we've had periods where new account creations and such were disabled, and the dedicated server stability had been harsh. I'm surprised I missed your posts yesterday actually, I was still working on migrating wiki contents to the CodePlex Documentation. I think I was just so busy I didn't look at the posts section, or maybe I was operating on my offline backup of the site. The good news is I believe right now I will receive email notifications for any Discussions contributions which aren't from me, so I should almost always be able to respond within a day. I like to be active on the forums even if I'm not in the code. As for activity, updating documentation and stuff got me back into the code, which of course means I end up cleaning up some code and ideating and such too.

FD: I just tried to connect to the mud at and the connection was refused.
K: We likely don't have a dedicated MUD server up right now, and it's not a priority for me ATM. If you want to see the state of the server, I'd build, launch and connect to it. :)

FD: What is the status of this project?
K: Still going; hopefully coming out of a lull now.

FD: Who is still around?
K: Just me ATM, in the "champion" role now. And hopefully you two. :) Fastalanasa is taking a step back for now.

FD: What has changed?
K: You could check the features on the Home tab, if you're wondering what's new.

FD: What are the current goals of the project?
Feb 27, 2015 at 2:11 AM
I was known as feverdream then, and I will reply in that old thread to confirm it.
Feb 27, 2015 at 2:20 AM
A few things:

Lets do a call for developers and remove anybody who is not going to actively contribute from the roster of developers. Looking at the list its clear that not everybody on the dev list is supporting the project so lets be honest with people looking at it. This will also rattle things a bit and let people know we are serious about the project.

The separation of the services and console, etc is easy we just need to look into using TopShelf and its basically done.

Testing is easy.. Harder part will br tracking code coverage and making sure we follow the rules around TDD, etc if thats the way we want to go.

I'm more worried about the fact that the server isn't really working; I would rather have a working product that can be shipped and then add new features and improvements as we iterate.
Feb 27, 2015 at 6:54 AM
Edited Feb 27, 2015 at 7:16 AM
Agreed, I have adjusted the format of Credits.txt. Have a look and let me know if you disagree with it.

Nice, at a quick glance, Topshelf indeed looks like it is the right tool for (

I'm down with doing TDD. I've had a bit more experience with TDD and I know we're not in the best place for doing it well YET, but we can certainly solve that. I'll start a new thread on that.

On the server: Lately I got an exception with "Unable to install service: WheelMUD Server Windows Service", but when I relaunched VS as Admin, I was able to get past that. However, when I F5, the debug WindowsService claims it was built with optimizations, even though that checkbox is disabled. However, the WindowsService does work for me; I can connect to it, create a character, etc. What problem do you see? (Note that logging in existing characters is failing; known issue, definitely slows us down, and deserves its own thread.)
Feb 27, 2015 at 3:56 PM
I'm not able to see any changes to the code or files; did you do something in a different branch or repro?

I was not talking about the credits.txt I was talking abut the wheelmud project here on codeplex. I see a giant list of people claiming to be developers and they clearly are not around.

All prior attempts to connect with a standard mud client/putty result in connection refused for me.
Feb 28, 2015 at 6:13 AM
(Weird, I thought I responded to this a few minutes ago. Must have failed to click Save.) Make sure you are on the correct, codeplex SVN and not the old stand-alone SVN. Your repo-browser should show: -- and in fact it looks like Fasta has disabled the old one anyway.

I've cleaned up the People tab here.

If you get connection refused, perhaps Windows Firewall blocked it? Did it ever give you the "unblock" dialog when starting up the server? Check the firewall settings?
Mar 6, 2015 at 2:02 AM
So I thought this was posted already, but is up and is basically nothing but a forum. I want to give wheelmud a dedicated space there but what I would be best was to create a development community for mud development as socially it looks better.
Mar 6, 2015 at 6:38 AM
Hmm, could we also have a WheelMUD specific category in there? I plan to import hundreds of the archived messages to have a searchable info base. It'll probably be a half-manual process, so I'd be able to put non-WheelMUD-specific conversations in areas that aren't a WM-specific area.

Unfortunately I mindlessly clicked through the wrong side of the "did your birthday make you 13" so I think it's waiting on you to accept that the Karak there is allowed to be on the forums. :/ Could you approve me? Sorry about that.

PS Just curious... When adding to my account notes, I see I had an account set up at long ago - Were you affiliated with/owning the domain with some other account registration system? I feel like it used to have MUD-related forums back then too, if it's the site I'm thinking it was.
Mar 6, 2015 at 5:36 PM
Yes adding a wheelmud forum is simply a few clicks.

You account should be active, I saw it earlier.. I will double check after posting here.

I have owned for a while now, it was a game community, site had a wiki etc but bots overran it and nobody every contributed because it just full of "I want to build my own version of World Of Warcraft, how do I learn to program? No wait, can you just do it all for me? I can't pay you anything or even give you equity, but It would be good exposure for your career." types of people. So I killed it and my wife is currently using the domain as a portfolio site since she actualy does work in MMO's. That is why we need to stick to sub-domains for now.
Mar 7, 2015 at 5:14 AM
I'm definitely still not active. I get the following when I log in:
"ERROR: Your account is not yet confirmed
We have not received a confirmation from your parent and/or legal guardian, which would allow you to post messages. If you lost your COPPA form, view it again."

Also, the forum sure likes to log me out / forget me, whether in IE or Chrome.

Ah, yes, I remember those people. They're likely the same people who... Back in the day I contributed to a couple of the C-based MUDs, but twice in a row the people running it would have some catastrophic issue and reset the codebase and ask everyone to rewrite everything. No backups, no source control, etc. Going forward, the first things I would ask are "How are you preserving our progress with source control or at least automated backups?" and invariably they would say they aren't, and I would leave to find the next clearly-active MUD to see if I could help there. Never did find one where I felt like I wouldn't be throwing away my contributions. Nor did I want to start my own. Often you could write code through telnet, but as you'd expect, they'd often be unstable. I gave up on finding an admin willing to use such "novel" tools as source control and backups, and tried a strategy of Logging Everything I Typed into my telnet client... so when the third time came "rewrite everything" I tried to script replay of those logs, which turned out not to work well at all. LOL. (Strong tools for WheelMUD, FTW!)
Mar 7, 2015 at 7:25 PM
I use GIT for everything. GIT + Cloud Storage + GitHub.

As far as your account goes thats really odd, the admin panel says you are fully activated. I just deleted your account so you can recreate it. I also disabled that check because its clearly doesn't seem to work correctly. Once you make your account and send me an email telling me its really you and not some random guy watching these forums who wants to troll by taking your username, I will re-mod you. :)

I had backups of the site , and a full backup policy that allows me to clone with one command the entire domain to another or to reinstate a backup. The problem was, it was literally only me working on the website and we got good (50k or so hits a day) traffic and I had no way to monetize that so I could hire people.