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Coding Standards


We are using StyleCop to help us keep a handle on coding standards. We haven't turned off any of the rules, so we are using the full set of rules that comes with it. There are two versions:
  • StyleCop for Visual Studio
  • StyleCop for Resharper
If you're not using a compatible development environment, try to follow the examples set in the code base but don't worry too much about exact compliance. Just don't be surprised if we come by your code and clean it up further.

File Headers

The file headers will now look like this:
// <copyright file="Give.cs" company="WheelMUD Development Team">
//   Copyright (c) WheelMUD Development Team.  See LICENSE.txt.  This file is 
//   subject to the Microsoft Public License.  All other rights reserved.
// </copyright>
// <summary>
//   A command that lets a character give items to a character or a mob.
//   Created: April 2009 by Karak.
// </summary>

When creating a new file, just copy-paste an existing header and update the file part and the summary. You can omit the "Created:" style comments if you wish. Conversely, if you wish, you can add your own lines like "Updated: Added the Whatever feature, 2015 by Karak" when making non-trivial updates. Also, feel free to add yourself to the Credits.txt file in the solution.

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