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Basically any modern Windows environment with any popular C# development environment, can be used. For more details, check the Basic Prerequisites page.

Additional Requirements

Getting the Source Code

The SVN path is:
If you don't know what to do with that, read Getting the Source

Building and Launching the Server

We take pride in keeping the initial setup process as painless as possible.
  • Open up the appropriate .sln file.
  • Ensure TestHarness is the StartUp project.
  • Build and run.
That's it! For example, if your development environment of choice is Visual C# 2010 Express:
  • Open up the WheelMUD_Express.sln solution file.
  • In Solution Explorer, collapse projects expanders, right-click TestHarness, "Set as StartUp Project".
  • Ctrl+F5.
The first time the server application is running, you may be prompted with firewall adjustments; accept these for all networks.

Connecting Telnet

You can now open up your telnet client of choice and connect to localhost 4000. For example, if you just have the standard Telnet.exe, Run (Windows+R) Telnet.exe, then type "open localhost 4000" at the "Microsoft Telnet" prompt. You should be greeted with a WheelMUD welcome screen, and the TestHarness console will print that a connection has been accepted.

Optional Tools


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