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High Level Road Map

Completed Features

We hope to maintain a high-level list of completed features on the Home page.

Versions / Rough Feature Priority

Contributors are welcome to work on features that are not in the next upcoming version, but focusing on the nearest upcoming features are a way to help ensure we're all ready to think about those features, and reduces the chance of needing to significant rework. The CodePlex Issues can be sorted by planned Release, so being aware of the In Progress release can be a good way to filter down the Issues list to find an interesting and useful feature to work on.
  • 0.1 = Done.
  • 0.2 = Done.
  • 0.3 = Done: Basic perstence (rooms, items, mobs), logging.
  • 0.4 = Done: Plugin systems, basic remote administration, Windows service, equipment, race, attributes, alignment.
  • 0.5 = In Progress: Basic WR&M combat, mob AI, skills, spells, finish Behaviors refactoring and related tests.
  • 0.6 = Party, guilds, chat channels, settings, economy, weather.
  • 0.7 = Quests, paging, message boards, ticketing.
  • 0.8 = InterMUD communication, player housing / in-game building, professions.
  • 0.9 = Admin-events support, pets (and mounts), MCCP.
  • 1.0 = Performance and stress testing, optimizations, release polish, UX testing and iteration, publicize official release.
  • 1.1 and beyond = Ranged combat, multiple currencies, item durability, flight, underwater, a default new user tutorial area, and any other features we dream up that don't make the cut for "initial public release" version 1.0.

We're not stopping at v1.0. After that release, we hope shift our primary focus onto fostering a feedback loop with our communities where independently developed MUDs will feed back to the core with integration requests, and they in turn will keep their codebases in a state that can take integrations from the core as well. We will all grow and improve at a rate much faster than the previous era of MUDs. We will continue to develop new features directly for the core as well.

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