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WheelMUD is a modern Multiple User Domain (MUD) engine. WheelMUD provides a platform on which to build your own text-based MMO.

High Level Goals

  • Accessible to average hobbyist coders.
  • Capitalize on an untapped market of MUD coders.
  • Help coders develop job skills.
  • Attractive, approachable code base.
  • Stable.
  • Performs well enough to be a viable platform for running even the most popular MUDs.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Above all, Have Fun!

Supporting Goals:

  • Runs on Windows (at minimum).
  • Development will be confined to modern, accessible languages such as C#.
  • Utilize modern development environments, and other common job tools and development practices.
  • High encapsulation. Strong separation of concerns.
  • Highly testable code.
  • Accessible to common .NET performance tooling and stress testing techniques.
  • Foster active, engaging community. Ease of integration (for entire codebases, content, and/or specific features/components) between MUDs built on the platform. Ease of content creation.
  • The players aren't the only ones having fun!

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