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The WheelMUD initiative originated in 1998. Over the years, the code-base has changed wildly. A couple of times, the project code has been largely or entirely scrapped; we're willing to discuss and recognize when "it's just not working," and we've learned a ton over the years. We're finally at a point where it really feels like our direction is solid and capable of meeting our goals.


The leadership team here has also, slowly, changed over the years. In February 2015, Fastalanasa has decided to transfer the Champion role over to Karak. So, a little about Karak:

I've been officially part of the WheelMUD initiative since, if I had to guess, some time in 2009. Most of my professional career has been programming in various capacities in the video games sector. I grew up on MUDs (among other games) and of course have many fond memories of them. I never adopted a "favorite" flavor, instead admiring games who implemented stunningly customized features or large social populations. I hope that some day WheelMUD will inspire a rebirth of unique MUD games, with depths far greater than the multiplayer graphical games of today. As with previous Champions, I am happy to take on various onerous administration tasks, so that other contributors can focus more on the aspects of contributing that are the most fun or fulfilling for them.

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