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Solution Structure

We have tried to organized the code into logical groupings, in solution folders and projects. The current solution structure looks like this:
Note that Express editions of Visual Studio may not support "solution folders", so you may instead just see a list of all the projects in the Solution Explorer.

Here's a brief explanation of each solution folder:
Administration This is where anything related to editing the server contents or configuration goes.
Data The low level database code goes here. Known commonly as the Data Abstraction Layer (DAL).
Files These are files such as configuration, opening screens, and NVelocity templates.
Gaming This is where the gaming system implementation goes.
MudFramework This is where the bulk of the MUD server code lives.
SystemFramework This is where reusable code that is not MUD related lives. Loggers, encryption and other tools.
Support Servers This is where servers like FTP are located.
Tests This is where the unit tests live. We need help here.
TestHarness This is a console project which runs the server.

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